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Fresh FilmsSPRITE REFRESHING FILMS is a national screenwriting and filmmaking program, exclusively for teens. There are opportunities for creative teens that want to submit their script, join a film crew or work as a film set intern. Production begins in six cities across the country and ends with an online vote-off for the nation's favorite film winner.
Girls in the Director's Chair

is a national all-girl filmmaking program developed to empower girls to make good on their creative dreams. This program provides girls the experience and confidence to connect with each other and express their vision and individuality.

GOT NOISE? is a national music video program, exclusively for teens. Teams of young filmmakers are given the chance to create their own music video with major musicians. Teens call the shots on set with the band, gain major exposure and creative chops, and stand to win an editing suite to continue their career, even after “cut” is called.

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