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in producing Youth Creative Programs that provide teens with a hands-on experience and allows them to interact with and explore the creative process of filmmaking. Teens are given the tools and resources they need to harness their own creativity, which develops confidence and helps create hope for their future. Our method of utilizing graduates of the program to teach new filmmakers how to use professional equipment organically encourages individual growth while generating professional quality content. Tapping into their passion gives teens the experience of a lifetime.
Dreaming Tree Films has been linking creative teens to filmmaking since the 2000 partnership with After School Matters, a Chicago Public Schools program. The initiative was develolped to provide inner-city teens with immersive filmmaking experiences outside of the typical high school curriculum. After seeing how teens flourished from these experiences, Dreaming Tree Films began the process of bringing these exciting opportunities to teens across the country.
The mission of Dreaming Tree Films is to nurture creativity, encourage teens to believe in themselves and provide the career insight that will help them grow both as artists and individuals. Our programs break through the Hollywood glam and allow teens to explore different creative mediums such as writing, design, photography, acting, directing, producing, cinematography and film editing.
Dreaming Tree Films

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